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Healey's Cheese at Lourensford

10 Apr

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Healey’s of Troutbrook farm have brought their cheese making skills and passion to the beautiful amphitheatre of the Helderberg and Hottentots Holland mountains, “Lourensford Wine Estate”.

This genuine naturally matured, traditional farmhouse cheddar is further enhanced by the natural cave-like environment for its maturation. These natural maturation conditions are one of natures wonders in creating a really noble cheese. There are no flavour enhances, artificial colouring or preservatives.

“Real Cheddar” 

Our cheese is made with the best of unpasturized full cream milk, using 11 litres to make a 1kg of mature cheddar. The hand made curds are pressed into traditi

onal 10kg heads and 2.5kg truckles (little wheels) which are wrapped in muslin cloth, greased and placed on racks for maturation. Our cheddar is matured for a minimum of 8 months, our cheesemaker selects certain cheese which is matured for anything up to 2 years resulting in an exceptional cheddar.

From day one of maturation, cheeses are turned regularly and mould growth is encouraged which is an important part of flavour development. Throughout maturation the cheesemaker is looking for a clean, full nutty flavour.

To truly enjoy your farmhouse cheddar, it should be eaten at room temperature. Ideally it should be kept in a cool cupboard or if in a refrigerator, in a ceramic cheese dish. Don’t let you cheddar sweat and don’t freeze.

This will ensure you enjoy and appreciate this fine cheddar.

Bon Appetit.


Stellenbosch Street Banquet

4 Apr

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Starts: Fri 20 Apr 2012 at 6:00 PM Ends: Fri 20 Apr 2012 at 10:30 PM

Place: Drostdy Street, Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch

On 20 April, historic Drostdy Street will be closed for a stylish street banquet to celebrate 333 years of Stellenbosch, along with the launch of the new brand identity of the town by the mayor.

Residents, and fans from outside town, are encouraged to reserve their seats for a night which will feature some of the best local performers such as Laurinda Hofmeyr, Schalk Joubert, Sima Mashazi, Niel Rademan, Valiant Swart and Ollie Viljoen.

Everyone is asked to wear white to maximise the dramatic effect of this setting at night, and to bring along all food, drinks, cutlery and crockery. Tables with table cloths and seating will be provided. Stunning prizes are up for grabs: For the best outfit in white, For the best hat, For the best table layout and decoration.