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Places to walk on sundays

13 Mar

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There is some­thing about Sunday after­noons and the need to get out of doors with little ones. Gone are the days of lie-ins and read­ing nov­els on the couch. And this fact will be made all the more palp­able the more you try and relive them, so get­ting out is a good idea. Even without little ones, you’ll find these rel­at­ively easy walks a ser­i­ously lovely way to exper­i­ence the won­der­ful sum­mer, autumn and spring months.


A nature reserve that lies just under the Table, the Deer Park, in Vredehoek, is filled with paths used by run­ners, walk­ers, bike enthu­si­asts and dog walk­ers. The myriad path­ways — some of which are wild and over­grown and go right up the moun­tain, and oth­ers that are actu­ally board­walks and great to do with chil­dren — make the Deer Park the pop­u­lar space that it is.


Long Beach

Long Beach, also some­times called Noordhoek Beach (rather obvi­ously because it lies belowNoordhoek) stretches for 8 km all the way through to Kommetjie and makes a won­der­fully long and chal­len­ging walk that little ones will rel­ish (just not the very little ones, they’ll need to be at least four years old). What makes the walk so lovely is not only the wild­ness of the place, the occa­sional horse rider and the relaxed and unhur­ried pace, but the ship­wreck part way.


Sea Point Promenade

Sea Point‘s long stretch of paved walk­way on the edge of the sea does not need an intro­duc­tion to Capetonians, who make very good use of this won­der­ful water­front area to exer­cise and feel the sea breeze on their skins. The place is a won­der­ful mix of people, safe for chil­dren (there are parks, jungle gyms, swings and a new out­door ‘gym’ for all to use), great for sun­down­ers and pic­nics and, des­pite hav­ing very little beach to speak of, one of the city’s local ‘haunts’.


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